Jam to a dark-hyperpop soundtrack in Hyper Bimbo Beats, a mobile narrative/rhythm game where you use your girl power to save futuristic Dos Angeles from hordes of mutant man-children
*Disclaimer: Hyper Bimbo Beats has been designed to be played with fabulous long nails.

In the world of Hyper bimbo beats women everywhere are threatened by hordes of irradiated men monsters.
But our protagonist finds that her femininity is way too powerful for them to handle, and she must use her hyperpop diva powers to save the world.


The game fullfills the feminine power fantasy, the feeling of wanting to be that bitch, and it does so with a protagonist who embraces hyper femme absurdity, being is in complete control of her sexuality and not caring what’s appropriate or not for feminine people.
Swiping mutants on the beat makes the player feel the full diva fantasy.

The game has a strong narrative element, which is carried by the comic panels between each level and the original songs which give the player a powerful insight into the emotions of the main character.

Made in collaboration with Plunder inc.

Contact us at hyperbimbobeats@gmail.com